Our centre provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to the problems of allergy.

  • Do you suffer regularly from stuffy nose?
  • Do you have frequent flu or runny nose?
  • Do you have hives?
  • Do you have ezcema?
  • Do you have asthma?
  • Do you have unexplained bloating, diarrhoea?

If you suffer regularly from the above symptoms, you may have an undiagnosed allergy.

Allergy affects up to 30% of the population. It has a great impact on the quality of life especially in children. Allergies vary in their manifestations depending on the organ system that has been affected and they are usually known by different names. This has added to the confusion both to the patients and their physicians.

Many patients may present with multiple symptoms that appear unrelated. The underlying cause may be allergy; failure to treat allergy would lead to recurring symptoms.

To get an accurate assessment of your allergy, you can consult the ENT Specialist at the Centre for Ear Nose Throat Allergy & Snoring ( CENTAS).

More Information on allergies are available at our allergy webpage.