Email from Ms JL, Female, 30 years old

Dear Dr. Pang

I’m JL, one of your patients suffering from chronic asthma due to my allergies to dust mites in particular. It was my great fortune to come across a newspaper article on your expertise in treating allergies using immunotherapy.

Being an avid sports person, prior to receiving treatment, my asthma attacks prevented me from jogging as I was coughing so much. I couldn’t even get proper sleep for 6 months due to my asthma. My protracted use of inhalers and medication was making me so frustrated and I wasn’t even getting better.

Now, into the 2nd month of your treatment, I want to sincerely and deeply thank you for giving the chance to live a normal life again as I’m already seeing so much improvement. The results are amazing!

I hope people suffering from allergy attacks can receive your treatment because no one should have to suffer these attacks when one can be immunised.

Best regards

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