The ear consists of three main parts:



Normal Ear Drum

The outer ear consists of the pinna, the ear canal, and the eardrum. The middle ear is a small, hollow air filled cavity behind the eardrum. The smallest bones of the body, the malleus, incus and stapes are located in the middle ear. The malleus is attached to the eardrum. The incus connects the malleus to the stapes. The footplate of the stapes is imbedded in the oval window of the cochlea. They all work together in a chain to mechanically transmit and amplify sound.



earThe inner ear, or cochlea, is a snail shaped structure that is filled with fluid and tiny hair cells. Their function is to send nerve impulses to the brain. Most people with hearing losses due to the aging process and many, who have hearing losses for other reasons, have them because of damage to this area.


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