In a comprehensive adult study in Singapore (2013). House Dust Mite has been identified as the primary cause of respiratory allergies. This includes allergic rhinitis and asthma. The findings showed that approximately 80% of those surveyed were reactive to house dust mites, and only minor reactivity to any other allergen. This high rate of reactions from house dust mites are strongly correlated with increased rates of allergic rhinitis and asthma in Singapore.

The study further found that participants who originate from non-tropical countries had low sensitisation rates for house dust mites when they first arrived in Singapore, but these rates increased as they spend more time here. This increase was accompanied by an increase in airway allergies. Migrants from countries that have similar tropical climate, such as Malaysia, showed comparable rates as Singaporeans, pointing again to house dust mites as primary environmental cause.

The new study revealed that close to 15% of Singapore’s adult population are being affected by asthma and nearly 40% are troubled by allergic rhinitis.

Options of treatment includes Environmental Measures, Medications and Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is the only way to modify the course of allergic disease.

AStar Press Release January 2013

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