If you feel that your nose is frequently stuffed and never gets cleared, you might be suffering from sinusitis. This is commonly referred to as‘sinus’, a health problem from which millions of people are affected daily. A huge amount of money is spent all over the world by patients seeking for relief from nasal and sinus infection with medications and visits to the doctors.

People with allergies and weakened immune system have a higher risk of suffering from sinusitis. Even though it is widespread and common, you still do not need to continuously suffer from a sinus infection. It’s because there are sinus doctor Singapore that will be able to assist you with the right sinusitis treatment in Singapore.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinus makes the majority of people confuse because they might know very little about it. In fact, most people understand it as a common cold. Some people also wonder why only a few people get affected. The portion who know they are suffering from sinusitis always wonder what would be the effective way to cure it permanently.

A sinus infection is swelling, inflammation or infection of the tissues lining in your sinuses. A body has four paired hollow spaces in the head to increase the sound resonance, insulation of surrounding structure and humidifying the air inspired.

The four paired of hollow cavities are:

  1. Maxillary sinuses – under your eyes
  2. Frontal sinuses– inside the forehead
  3. Ethmoid sinuses – in between the eyes and nose
  4. Sphenoid sinuses – behind the bones in your nasal cavity
  5. Typically, sinuses produce thin mucus that gets out from the nose keeping it clean and germ-free. People suppose sinuses gets filled with air and should be hollow. When the sinuses get blocked or gets inflamed because of an allergy or severe cold, then it is a breeding ground for germs, and this leads to infection. There will be swelling too the sinus lining and it can be filled with infected mucus.

    What are The Causes of Sinusitis?

    A sinus infection typically caused due to viruses, bacteria or fungi that end up with swelling and blocks the sinus. The common causes of sinusitis are:

    • Seasonal allergies
    • Nasal allergies also include mould allergies
    • The common cold
    • Polyps
    • A weakened immune system
    • Structural narrowing from deviated nasals septum or turbinates swelling

    What Are The Types of Sinusitis?

    These are the types of sinusitis people get infected from:

    • Acute Bacterial Sinusitis – In this condition, the person suffers from an abrupt onset of cold symptoms like runny and stuffy nose, facial pain that last more than a week. If properly diagnosed and treated, the sinusitis can be completely resolved.
    • Subacute Sinusitis – In this condition, the person suffers from the symptoms for 4 to 12 weeks. The severity of symptoms is less severe than acute sinusitis.
    • Recurrent Acute Sinusitis – In this condition, the person experiences the symptoms showing up four times each year and do not last for less than 14 days.
    • Chronic Sinusitis – In this condition, the person experience sinus symptoms for more than 12 weeks. The symptoms tend to be milder but persistent

    Is Sinus Contagious?

    There are no chances of spreading bacterial sinusitis. However, the virus that ends up causing sinus infection is contagious. In this regard, you should keep proper hygiene to minimize the chances of getting infected.

    Symptoms of Sinus:

    The common symptoms of sinus are:

    • Cough
    • Facial pressure around the forehead, nose and eyes
    • Fever
    • Fatigue or tired body
    • Nasal thick green or yellow discharge
    • Bad breaths
    • Postnasal dripping of mucus down your throat
    • Stuffy nose

    Diagnosis of Sinusitis:

    Sinus doctor Singapore will check your nose and face for tenderness and look inside your nose.

    Certain methods of chronic diagnosis of sinusitis are:

    • Nose Endoscopy:

    The doctor will insert a thin, flexible fibre-optic light tube into your nose. The doctor will be able to see the state of your nose, any mucus or growths.

    • Imaging Testing:

    Images captured with the use of CT can demonstrate the state of your sinuses and nasal area. These could point out deep inflammation or physical obstruction that is difficult to diagnose with an endoscope.

    Allergy Tests:

    If the doctor suspects that allergies are triggering your chronic sinusitis, they will ask you to go for an allergy skin test. This is a safe and quick way of detecting which allergens are behind your nasal blockage.

    Nasal Swab Tests:

    This can be performed to determine the bacteria causing the infection and the antibiotics that they will respond to. This enable appropriate treatment ad shortened duration of illness.

    Sinusitis Treatment Singapore

    Acute sinusitis are typically treated with saline washes, nasal decongestants, adequate hydration and rest. If these does not improve or worsen, a visit to the sinus doctor Singapore may be necessary. At this point, antibiotics may be prescribed.

    Incompletely treated acute sinusitis can become chronic. This is when the patient develops symptoms virtually all the time requiring multiple courses of medications.

    In Chronic sinusitis, CT scan of the sinus may be necessary. The obstructed areas and infection in the sinus may need to treat with surgery. New techniques of minimally invasive sinus surgery are used in the sinusitis treatment Singapore such as with Balloon sinuplasty can quickly help the patient improve.

    If your sinus symptoms last more than 10 days, seek medical advice to prevent worsening of the symptoms and progressing to chronic sinusitis.