For many of us, living with a stuffy nose is something we are used to. We do not think how frequently we are blowing our nose or the boxes of tissues we are using. This is for many a second nature.

Many of us have underlying reasons for our stuffy nose symptoms. We often don’t know for sure why those symptoms exist, nor do we understand how to eliminate the problem. We may not fully comprehend the reason for a stuffy nose or a blocked nose.

Why is my nose stuffy in the first place?

There is no singular answer to that question. Your stuffy nose can be  caused by a number of reasons. Just some of the causes of a stuffy or runny nose might be:

  • Allergic reactions are a common reason for having a stuffy nose. It can be caused by your body reacting to otherwise harmless allergens resulting in a stuffy nose.
  • It could also stem from having a small illness, such as the common cold. This is a common reason why you might notice the stuffy nose is often followed by coughing and a fever.
  • If you are used to working within areas with moist air, then going somewhere with arid and dry air can lead to your nose feeling all blocked up and stuffy.
  • Food can be a big reason for issues with your nose and your body generally. We react to food in various ways, from spicy foods to sweet foods. Review your diet!
  • Changes to your hormones, especially in pregnancy or in puberty, can lead to the development of a stuffy nose. This is a common issue for many people.
  • Smoking can be a reason why you might have problems with a stuffed nose. Many smokers will have this issue, even if they don’t realise it.
  • Stress is the another common reason that can give you the sensation that your nose is blocked.
  • You could be suffering from a sinus infection, too. A sinus infection will rarely resolve itself on its own; we recommend that you contact our team for more support for this.

What can I do to relieve my blocked nose?

Steam inhalation may bring about some symptomatic relief.

Keeping well hydrated will help loosen the mucus.

Exercise can reduce congestion and give you a feeling that your air intake has improved. Be careful not to overexert yourself if you have a flu or infection.

Consider the kind of lifestyle that you lead, too. From the kind of food that you eat and drink to what you consume (such as cigarettes might affect your breathing. Living and eating healthily can improve your breathing. Weight reduction may be helpful in some individuals.

Up your fluid intake, too. Not having enough fluids and keeping well hydrated can contribute to this issue .

When should I look for medical help?

If your symptoms last for more than a few days or are worsening or if they are frequently recurring, then its time to seek medical help.

Treatment of the blocked nose will depend on the underlying reasons. A doctor can help you determine the triggers for your blocked nose and give you appropriate advice. Often a change in life style, taking simple measures to avoid infections, managing your allergies can give significant improvement.

Ignoring regular or persistent symptoms will lead to a poorer quality of life, poor sleep and occasionally sleep apnea.

What should I do if I want relief from my blocked nose?

The best thing that you can do is contact our ear nose and throat specialist in Singapore. We have a specialist facility that is made almost entirely for dealing with the stuffy nose symptoms that you are struck down with today. By making sure that you can spend more time getting relief and less time wondering what the issue is, we can remove much of the stress involved in managing your nose symptoms.

Find out the cause of your blocked nose treatment and give yourself a new lease of life. Come and speak to us today.