Child and Kid ENT Specialist Doctor in Singapore

Dr YT Pang is an experienced Children ENT Singapore Doctor. He is also a baby ENT Specialist and sees patients from birth to adulthood. Children cannot be viewed as little adults. They have their own unique ENT problems and require ENT doctor for kids that understand their needs.

Our Centre and staff are equipped to handle problems of Ear Nose and Throat for Kids.

Ear, Nose, Throat and upper respiratory tract problems are often seen in children. Children may not be able to describe their symptoms to us. As a result, children may suffer silently till it flares up into a major disease or infection. We may then treat the obvious symptoms. However, if the underlying causes are not addressed, this will lead to recurring or persistent symptoms. It is important to engage an experienced child ENT Specialist Singapore who will tease out history from the parents and the child. The ENT doctor for child would then do a careful examination and after appropriate tests, the cause of the illness may be determined.

What are the Common ENT problem Seen by our Child ENT Specialist Singapore

Nose problems seen by Child ENT Specialist Singapore

“My child is having a flu all the time” or “My child needs to visit the doctor every other week”. “ My Child is often coughing”.

These may be common comments made by parents in the play-group and kindergarten age which the ENT Doctor for Kids often encounters. Often these are issues caused by the nose and sinuses. The Children ENT Singapore doctor are able to make an accurate determination on the child’s condition with detailed history, examination and investigations.

Amongst the diseases that affect children, allergies is one of the commonest. It may manifest as eczema when they are in infancy and progress on to rhinitis (nose), asthma (lungs) to conjunctivitis (eyes). Because of its myriad manifestation, allergies may be missed. Allergy tests performed by the children ENT doctor will clarify some of the symptoms. Environmental and dietary changes may be advised by the ENT Doctor Kids to improve the condition.

Allergic rhinitis (runny nose) can lead to progress to asthma. Asthma incidence is higher when allergies and sinus infections are not controlled. Children with allergies symptoms perform poorer academically. In our highly competitive society the ramifications can be profound. Allergies generally leads to poor concentration and decreased quality of sleep and. Your Specialist of Ear Nose Throat For Kids will help you make the link if your child has allergies.

Blocked Nose seen by Child ENT Specialist Singapore

Blocked nose can be caused by structural blockage, allergy, growth, enlarged adenoids and tonsils and infection. The children ENT doctor will do a Video Nose Scope and allergy tests to help with diagnosis and treatment.

Prolonged mouth breathing can lead to poor quality sleep as well as affects facial growth.  The dentition is affected with may having to correct a small mouth and crowded misaligned teeth. Early intervention by the ENT Specialist for child is necessary to prevent irreversible changes.

Snoring and Loud Breathing are often a complaint of Ear Nose and Throat For Kids. This leads to disrupted sleep. They may wake up in the night with choking or crying. The sleep quality is poor and the child have difficulty waking up in the morning and feels lethargic. They lack concentration and can be difficult to manage.

The Causes of Snoring and loud breathing are similar to those causing blocked nose.  So managing the Ear Nose  and Throat for Kids blocked nose will usually solve the problem.

Nose Bleeds (Epistaxis)

Nose Bleed is a common problem in our children. This is usually caused by a prominent vessels in the front of the nose. Trauma from nose rubbing, nose picking and sneezing can injured the vessels causing bleeding.

The bleeding can often be solved by applying some medication onto the vessels to seal the blood vessels. This is performed by child ENT Specialist in clinic. Treatment of the underlying allergy or infection will solve the issue permanently.

Acute And Chronic Tonsillitis

The tonsils are lymphoid tissue on both sides at the back of the mouth. These are normal tissues. However, children are prone to develop enlargement of hypertrophy of the Tonsils or Infections of the Tonsils (Tonsillitis). Most infection can be managed with medications, however in recurrent tonsillitis or persistent enlargement, the ENT Doctor Kids may advised removal of the Tonsils (Tonsillectomy).

How is Tonsillectomy Performed By Our Children ENT Singapore Specialist

The procedure is performed under General Anesthesia. This usually takes about 30 minutes and the child can return home on the same day. The technique our ENT Doctor for kids uses is the Coblation Technique. Coblation Tonsillectomy offers removal of the tonsils with less discomfort and quicker recovery. Most of the children that has undergone the procedure by ENT Doctor kids can eat and drink on the same day

Hearing Problems seen by Children ENT Doctor  Specialist

The hearing disability may be missed leading to decrease learning performance in this age group. The complaint to the child ENT doctor may be that my child speaks very loudly or is always shouting or that my child does not speak accurately. The ear is usually affected by otitis media. The specialist for ear nose and throat for kids often can see a fluid level (Glue Ear) or infection behind the ear drum. This is often made worse by enlarged adenoids, tonsils or infection. If you suspect any hearing issue, consult a ENT Doctor Kids early for an assessment. Poor hearing is linked to poor speech development and affects learning ability.

In some instances, the hearing may be congenital (born with  hearing loss). This is now picked up early with hearing screening done at birth in our hospitals.

At our centre, we are experienced with dealing with children and their needs.

If you suspect that you may have ENT Sinus & Allergy issues, make an appointment with our Children ENT Doctor today for an assessment.

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