Allergy Doctor Singapore
At our ENT clinic Singapore, our resident ENT Specialist Dr YT Pang is also an allergy doctor. Many of the condition that present to our ENT clinic is caused by allergies especially in the nose and sinus.

Our allergy doctor has spent time learning about allergy at the University of Chicago. Dr YT Pang our allergy doctor in Singapore also developed the allergy service at the National University Hospital. The focus was to provide nasal allergy treatment. Beside nasal allergy treatment, patients that have allergies in the eyes, lungs and skin could also be managed in a similar manner.

Allergies can affect many parts of our body. It may present in the nose like frequent colds, infection, sneezing, blocked nose and runny nose. It may also present as a frequent cough or even asthma. In the skin, this can present as urticaria, rash, eczema or dermatitis. Our allergy doctor in Singapore will take a through history and recommend appropriate tests to confirm the allergy.  The allergy doctor will advise how you could avoid or minimize the allergen exposure. If the allergen contact could not be eliminated, the allergy doctor will advise how to use medication to reduce the symptoms and help you cope with the condition.

As an ENT and Allergy Clinic, our allergy doctor in Singapore sees patients that require nasal allergy treatment. Nasal allergy present as nasal blockage or stuffy nose, sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose and a post nasal drip. Nasal allergy treatment aims to minimise this with avoidance, medication and occasionally surgery. Surgery is typically reserved for nasal obstruction in nasal allergy treatment.

Avoidance in nasal allergy treatment and in all allergy treatment in general means not being exposed to the triggering allergens or if it cannot be avoided completely, how to minimise the exposure. For example, if one has a dog allergy, removing the dog from your room or restricting the dog outside of the house or giving the dog away will greatly reduce the exposure, If like in the case of house dust mite where it cannot be eliminated by mechanical means. antirust mite spray and washing the clothing and bedding in hot water can kill the  dust mites. Enclosing the mattresses and pillows can also help in nasal allergy treatment.

In suitable patient immunotherapy can be an option. This is particularly useful in house dust mite allergy. Other allergens that can be treated this way are dog, cat and pollen allergy.

Contact our ENT Clinic Allergy Doctor Dr YT Pang to discuss about your allergy and nasal allergy treatment.