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Dr YT Pang is an Ear Nose Throat Specialist in Singapore that  treats both adults and children. Our Ear Nose and Throat Clinic looks after patients with Ear symptoms and Hearing Loss.


Our Ear Comprises 3 parts: The Outer, Middle And Inner Ear.  Symptoms of ear problems can be caused by one or more parts of the ear. In general the symptoms of ear diseases will require an Ear Nose throat Specialist to evaluate.

Common Symptoms of Ear Diseases include

Ear Pain

Ear Itch

Ear Discharge

Hearing loss


Dizziness and Vertigo

Ear Pain or Otalgia

This is generally caused by local causes of the outer or middle ear. Rarely, it can be referred from the jaw joint, the tonsil and pharynx.

Pain from Ear infection of the outer ear such as otitis externa, perichondritis, furunculosis or Middle Ear such as otitis media, perforation of the ear drum and infection of teh mastoid can be severe and distressing. Ear infection treatment requires an accurate assessment by the ear infection specialist. The Ear Nose Throat Doctor will examine the ear carefully, paying attention to the pinna, the ear canal and jaw joint. If there is any debris or wax in the ear canal, the Ear Nose Throat Specialist will need to remove these by suction and flushing to properly assess the deeper parts of the ear canal and ear drum.  He will also evaluate if there is any throat condition.

Ear Itch

This is in the outer ear and indicates an infection or allergy. Ear itch is often associated with ear discharge.

Ear Discharge

Ear Discharge can originate from the outer or middle ear.

They are usually caused by ear infection of the outer or middle ear. In general, ear discharge from the middle ear follows a perforation or a hole in the eardrum. The discharge can be more profuse and foul smelling. Ear Discharge needs to be cleaned out using microscopy and suction. The ear discharge should be sent for culture to ascertain the underlying cause. After clearing the ear discharge, we can determine the state of the ear drum and middle ear. Once the ear infection specialist have cleaned up the ear discharged and started on appropriate ear infection treatment, the ear discharge should resolve fairly quickly. Ear discharge can be prolonged if the infection is from the mastoid with is a labyrinth system and can be difficult to eradicate. In this case, ear discharge treatment or ear infection treatment may be required to clean out the mastoid and infection.

Ear discharge is not normal. If it does not resolve in a week, see an ear nose throat doctor and seek ear discharge treatment at an ear clinic in Singapore as soon as possible.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can occur when pathway of sound from the environment to the brain hearing centre is interrupted. This can occur at any part of the hearing system.

In the outer ear, hearing loss can because by substances in the external ear canal such as ear wax, debris from infection, ear discharge, water in the ear, malformation or growth in the ear canal. This can be looked at by an ear wax removal doctor.

In the middle Ear, hearing loss can be a result of perforation of the ear dum, infection in the middle ear, disruption of the hearing bones, growth in the middle ear and eustachian tube problems. This can be looked at by an ear infection specialist.

In the inner ear, hearing loss is often due trauma, noise induced hearing loss, age related degenerative hearing loss, infection, drug toxicity. Hearing loss can also result from congenital issues.

The pathway from the inner ear to the brain can also be disrupted leading to hearing loss.

If there is any hearing loss, consult a hearing specialist in Singapore like the ear nose throat doctor as soon as possible as some condition require early treatment for recovery such as sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Consultation with the ear nose throat Doctor is advised within 2 weeks for increase changes of recovery from hearing loss.

Hearing loss treatment in Singapore is targeted at the underlying issue. If the hearing loss is not correctable medically or surgically, hearing aids are an option. Advances in hearing aids technology has make them more responsive and easier to use. Some has blue tooth function much like those for mobile phones. Hearing loss should not be stigmatised, it should be treated like vision like myopia where wearing spectacles is socially acceptable and even fashionable.  Contact your hearing specialist in Singapore for a hearing loss treatment in Singapore as soon as possible.


Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of an external source. The causes can be disturbances or abnormalities in either the external, middle or inner ear. The causes of tinnitus can be as innocent as ear wax in the ear to ear infection, noise induced deafness and nerve damage. If there is persistent tinnitus, see an ear nose throat doctor or hearing specialist or ear wax removal doctors for an assessment. Before any tinnitus treatment, the workup for tinnitus include a tympanogram, audiogram and if indicated an MRI of the brain.

Tinnitus treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Tinnitus treatment can be in the form of medication, tinnitus masker and tinnitus rehabilitation programs at an ear clinic in Singapore.

The medication used in tinnitus treatment aims to stabilise the inner ear and improve blood flow to the cochlear.

Tinnitus treatment using tinnitus masker is useful in individual with hearing loss as the masker is also functioning as a hearing aid to improve hearing.

Tinnitus treatment with rehabilitation programmes uses an opposing sound to counteract the tinnitus. The individual has to listen to a series of sound daily and this can be hidden in music that is presented to the individual.

White noise or background music can also masked tinnitus in tinnitus treatment especially in the quiet of the night.

In some individual tinnitus can be a very disturbing symptom driving them to depression and even suicidal tenancy. In these patients, tinnitus treatment will involve psychological or psychiatric support as well. So contact your ear nose throat clinic for an early consultation if your tinnitus is worsening, disturb your daily activities or persist for more than 1 month. Tinnitus with hearing loss and vertigo or dizziness should be checked by your vertigo doctor in Singapore or by a Ear Nose Throat Clinic specialist in Singapore.


Vertigo and Dizziness

Vertigo is the sensation of spinning when one is not actually moving. Dizziness is the sensation of unsteadiness – it may be described as imbalance or floating. There are many causes of these which may not involve the ear.

Causes of vertigo or dizziness attributable to the ear is usually disturbances to the inner ear which houses the vestibular or the balance system. Ear infection of the middle or inner ear, trauma, eustachian tube issues can affect balance. As loss of balance and vertigo can be a very distressing symptom early consultation with the ear nose throat specialist, dizziness ent specialist or vertigo specialist in Singapore is advised.

For any issues on Ear Pain, Ear Infection Treatment, Ear Discharge Treatment, Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, Vertigo and Dizziness, made an appointment with Dr YT Pang,  a dizziness ENT Specialist.


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