“I have sinus, Doctor!” is a very common complaint by patients. Sinus is however not a disease but a structure in our skull. What they actually refer to is that they have symptoms of Blocked nose, Congested nose, Runny nose and Itchy nose. This symptoms trouble them frequently.

The individual may be suffering from allergy, sinus infection (Sinusitis), nasal polyps or structural issues in the nose. If this symptoms are frequent, one should consult a sinus doctor.

At the Centre for Ear nose Throat Allergy & Snoring, Dr YT Pang is a sinus doctor. At your visit, the sinus doctor will take a detailed history on your sinus symptoms. Typically, an exmination will also include a video nasendoscopy to examine the nose and sinuses. Allergy tests may also be needed  to help determine sinus treatment.

Sinusitis Treatment

If there is obvious signs of sinus infection, then the patient has sinusitis. Sinusitis can be divided into Acute and chronic sinusitis. Acute sinusitis treatment usually involved the use of antibiotics.

If there is evidence of long standing or chronic sinusitis, usually more than 3 months, a CT scan of the sinus is very useful in determining the extent of sinusitis treatment that is required. The CT sinus give a detailed map of the sinuses and which sinuses are affected by sinus infection. If the sinus infection is limited, the sinus doctor Singapore will advised an appropriate sinus infection treatment with antibiotics.

Should antibiotics and conservative management not provide long term solution, the sinus infection treatment or sinusitis treatment may require sinus operation in Singapore.

The sinus surgery in Singapore is performed endoscopically. The sinus surgery may be complimented by Computer guidance system and in suitable patient,balloon sinuplasty can be used.

Balloon Sinuplasty is a new sinusitis treatment in Singapore that uses a balloon introduced into the sinus to open blocked sinus passages. This minimally invasive method reduces the amount of sinus surgery required. The recovery is more rapid and the patient is quickly back to normal activities.

Allergy Management

Dr YT Pang besides being a sinus doctor has experience in treating allergy which affects a significant number of our “sinus patient”.  Allergy is determined by skin allergy tests or blood tests. The sinus doctor will advise sinus treatment in singapore that includes allergy management such as antihistamines, nasal steroid spray, nasal wash and in suitable patient immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy practiced in sinus treatment Singapore is usually the sublingual form (Sublingual Immunotherapy) where the vaccine is placed under the tongue to desensitise the patient.

In individuals that has severe blockage due to enlargement of the turbinates (structures on the side of the nose) from allergy or sinusitis, treatment can involve reducing the size of the turbinates. Our Sinus doctor uses the technique of Coblation Turbinoplasty which offers rapid recovery.

Structural Blockage

Structural blockage from a deviated nasal septum and turbinate enlargement may required surgery if the blockage is not relieved sufficiently by medication. The sinus surgery in singapore will address both the septum and turbinates. Most recover quickly from this type of sinus surgery which is straightly not a sinus surgery but an intranasal surgery.

Nasal Polyps

In certain individuals growth in the nose called nasal polyps can cause sinusitis and loss of smell. This are usually benign growth. Sinusitis treatment in Singapore will involved removal of the nasal polyps. The sinus doctor will performed the removal endoscopically.

Nose Bleeds

If there is regular nose bleeds or blood stained mucus or saliva, one need to urgently see an ENT Sinus doctor to exclude nose cancer. Other symptoms of nose cancer include hearing loss in one ear, blocked nose and neck lumps.

If there are no serious pathology, nasal cautery is effective in stopping nose bleeds.

What is an Otolaryngology Specialist?

The word Otolaryngology Specialist is the latin word for Ear Nose Throat Specialist. The words Otolaryngology Specialist can be broken down as follows:

Oto = Ear

Larynx = Throat / Voice box

The Otolaryngology Specialist will deal with diseases and condition of the ENT area as well as head and neck, thyroid disease. In recent years there is a subspecialty of facial plastics involving reconstructive and cosmetic work in the face area.

If there is any nose and sinus concerns in children and adult, please contact our sinus doctor Singapore, Dr YT Pang.