Turbinate Coblation Reduction

What are the turbinates?

Turbinates are lumps of tissue on the within the nose.

What is the function of the turbinates?

The turbinates regulate the flow of air through the nose. They also warm and humidify the air that we breathe and catch small particles of dust.

What problems can occur in the turbinates?

There are two main problems that may affect your turbinates:

1     The turbinates become too big causing blockage

2     If you have allergy, the turbinates can swell up causing blockage

Big turbinates can block the nose causing pressure and congestion. This can result in you breathing only through the mouth and snoring at night.

How are big turbinates treated?

Treatment options include:

  • Do nothing – If the symptoms are not severe, treatment may not be necessary
  • Anti-Allergy treatments (Nasal Steroid sprays, antihistamines, De-sensitisation) – Daily medications may be enough to shrink the turbinates and control the nasal blockage
  • Referral to Dr Pang for Coblation to the Inferior Turbinates

Dr Pang uses “Coblation” technology to treat the turbinates.

What is “Coblation”?

Coblation is a modern technology that shrinks the turbinates safely at low temperatures. The potential benefits of the technology include less bleeding and less pain, with much lower risk of complications.


Treat Severe or chronic nasal allergies

Relieve nasal congestion & drainage

Reduce Sinus related snoring

Improve breathing

How does it work?

This is a clinic based procedure lasting about 10 minutes. No down time is necessary. After numbing the nose, a coblation wand is inserted into the turbinate. The wand causes the turbinate to shrink. This relieves nasal obstruction and improves nasal breathing. The procedure is medisave and insurance claimable in appropriate cases.